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Application for S1 Discretionary Places 2022/23 and Relevant Documents


STMGSS in Action - Wonderful Learning Journey@stmgss


紀念特刊 Special Editions



“Dream fosters Achievements Pursuit breeds Excellence” STMGSS Prospectus



Writerrific - A Collection of Essays by STMGSS and Dongsheng School Students



The 20th Anniversary of Speak Up - Act Out!

Drama in Education @STMGSS Commemorative Volume



The 10th Anniversary of Sports and Arts Education

@STMGSS Commemorative Volume



2020/21 年度 (School Year 2020/21) :



School Newsletter "Flight" Volume 1



School Newsletter "Flight" Volume 2



PTA Newsletter Volume 1



PTA Newsletter Volume 2



Student Association Newsletter "Apex"


2019/20 年度 (School Year 2019/20) : 

學校通訊《南翱》School Newsletter "Flight"

家教會第一期會訊PTA Newsletter Vol 1

家教會第二期會訊PTA Newsletter Vol 2

學生會通訊《南翊》SA Newsletter "Navigator"